HDR Rush 600g

5,450.00 Ft

HDR Rush was developed for breeds in the Hard Dog Race and specially for periods of preparation and racing.

This dietary supplement contains all vitamins and minerals that are essential for an exceptional physical strength.

This product includes significant levels of vitamin A and E, all types of vitamin B (B1-, B2-, B3-, B5-, B6-, B8-, B9-, B12), as well as high levels of essential fatty acids (omega3, omega6).

Hereby is a non-exhaustive list with a few mechanisms of action of the ingredients aiming best preparation to stains and help quick recovery process.

Linseed flour – regenerates lungs and fights muscle soreness

Buckthorn – great source of special inert matter and fibres with extra antibacterial and anti inflammatory effect

Hemp seed flour – its proteins are absorbed at excellent sufficiency and enhance  muscle gain to a significant extent

Brewer’s yeast – great source of various types of vitamin B

Eggshell powder – contains calcium and phosphorus in perfect ratio for best absorption

Milk thistle – exceptional antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, with detoxifying and regenerative effect to the liver.


Product Discription

Serving size for adult dogs: 1 level measuring spoon per 15 weight kg

This product has a high natural fibre content. Your dog might benefit from starting with small amounts and gradually increasing servings to the recommended intake.

Do not to exceed the recommended intake.

Nutritional values:

Crude fat 7.7%

Moisture 6.5%

Crude fibre 32%

Crude proteins 34%

Crude ash 7.5%

Distributed by Synchronex Coproduction Kft.
2000 Szentendre Dalmát utca 9.

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