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The founders and partners of our company developed the Royal Essences Product line based on over thirty years of experience working with sport- and work dogs, thus making our continuously expanding product variety available to both active and cozy lifestyle loving breeds.

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We spent hard working decades on experimenting, studying and developing a now perfected blends of natural ingredients, that came from various parts of the canine world. The tremendous amount of professional experience we gained in this process makes Royal Essences truly an extraordinary brand. Since our life is all about sport- and work breeds, we primarily committed to them. However, we thought about hobby pets as well, who are kept and fed differently. Our basic principle is that our pets and dogs who we share our work and lives with get properly nutritious diet let it be dry feed, mixed, or B.A.R.F. feeding.

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We are determined to use naturally sourced ingredients in our supplements wherever possible, thus minimizing our dog’s intake of synthetically sourced elements as much as we can.

“ Our best friend, who accompany us through snow and ice defying the cold winter breeze, and always follows us into our greatest adventures, he deserves very special care.”


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